The 5 Best Password Management Tool for your OS/Mobile

With security threats breaking the tallest of glass roofs, the question of using the same password over and over again is now documented history. All you need to do is find an app that allows you to create, store, manage and if required shared passwords with people you trust. And it does not matter if yiy are using, Windows, iOS, Android or Mac. Password management apps are available for app operating systems and most of these apps try to have a handy variant for each OS.

All the password managers we reviewed (and listed here) secure your data both on the cloud and the machine and wrap it with the toughest form of encryption in use today. All of these have their apps available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. While all have free options, only KeePass is completely free but, if you are looking for a good secure password generator to store your password on these password managers then you may use And the best part is all of these apps can be installed in unlimited number of devices for one (generally paid) account. And most of them are quite capable of storing unlimited counts of passwords.

Also, all the managers we reviewed have the capability to generate new strong passwords. However, some of these apps might have limitations on mobile usage. Some of these are also capable of alerting you of the latest breaches in data. So, before we move on to the individual apps, here’s a quick rewind of what a great password manager can do for you:

1. Last Pass (Mac, Windows, Android and iOS )

Last Pass is our editor’s choice best password manager for 2017 because of its relative ease of use and support provided for all the major operating systems. The free version of the software is rich with features and comes with a detailed variety of enhance configurations. The premium version of Last Pass at $12/year is among the most affordable subscriptions for paid password management on the web.

Right till the start of 2017, the free version can be synced across an unlimited number of devices. The great thing about Last Pass is that you do not even need to install the app on your computer. All you need to do is add an extension and create a free account. The ease of use and password detection ability of the Chrome extension is beyond comparison. And you always have the ultimate control with the master password.

2. Dashlane (Windows, Mac)

When it comes to the sheer weight of features, there are very few password managers that would be able to give Dashlane a meritorious beating. The one killer feature of the app is that it can reset all the passwords at once – giving you much needed relaxation in the event of a major data breach. This is one feature that is lacking in even Last Pass.

Dashlane is very easy to use and offers possibly the most seamless form filling experiences. The limitations of Dashlane include a rather high subscription fee ($40/year) and the web only interface. This means that you cannot make any major change to the vault without access to the primary computer. But it is a good manager with cross-OS compatibility just like Last Pass. It is easily unbeatable when it comes to the ease of personal form filling.

3. True Key (best for Windows/Microsoft Edge users)

Powered by Intel and available at a premium subscription of just $20/year, True Key has been hailed by many in the industry as the “time-travelling password manager from the future.” It comes with six different authentication factors. These include facial recognition and fingerprint sensing (all included in the $20/year subscription). If that was not enough for security, Intel has also added Microsoft Edge support to True Key.

True Key gives you the cool experience of logging into your computer or smartphone just by looking into it and shaking your head. Since there is an impressive range of authentication factors, it is very easy to reset the master password in the event of its loss. The only drawbacks with True Key are it does not fill in personal information (alas!) and it does not allow users to share passwords securely.

4. Keeper (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

Keeper comes across as a robust, full-featured and fast web interface for passwords. Additionally, it also stores documents and files of any nature – a feature that is missing in several other List-A password managers. And all of this is available at a mid-range subscription fee of $30/year. However, it would have been much better if keeper allowed users to create a PIN for the mobile app.

If you smartphone is not equipped with a fingerprint reader, you will have to enter the full master password to unlock the app on phone. This can be an itch when repeated a few times over the day. Nevertheless, keeper has been ranked as one of the best password managers for protecting your devices and confidential information from security breaches. The KeeperFill™ method of form filling is a convenient as some of the best password managers out there.

5. Sticky Password (Mac and Windows)

If you go simply by its looks, Sticky Password could appear a little less appealing with an overtly colourful interface and a somewhat amateurish looking website. However, it is a nice full-feature password manager that allows you to sync information both in the device and the cloud. It is also fully capable of managing logins through desktop and online passwords at the same time.

There is also a lifetime premium subscription available for $150. You can also opt for a yearly premium subscription for $30/year. Recently, Sticky Password also added a true two-factor authentication for added security and convenience. However, the web interface of the app continues to be somewhat bare-bones. While it does a commendable job at securing passwords and filling forms, the subscription fees of $30/year seems a little steep compared to some other premium managers available out there.