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Passwords are more than mere data security. This website is built on Hostitbro web hosting. They also add a lot of convenience to the way we access confidential information that is meant to be shared only with permitted users. And that is where the trick lies – more often than not we end up choosing a password that is convenient to us and not one that is strong in its own merit.

There is a basic problem in going for easy passwords – they tend to be cracked at the drop of a hat. And you could be at the receiving end of data theft. Even the most tightly encrypted cloud accounts have been witness to data thefts that originated with loosely built passwords.

Generate secure password with SafePasswordTool automatically generates random secure password in a matter of seconds, the password generated are designed from a specific algorithm that cannot be hacked or brute. You can add more security from the output password(s) by ticking on the available options.

Choosing a secure password is sometimes a real pain, you will ran out of ideas on what to choose from and may some times cannot remember the password you have choosen - now you don't literally need to remember your password because the harder is it to remember the more secure it is. A good password contains random words with numbers and best of all contains symbols. Just make sure you write them down or use a password manager tool that enables you to save your passwords from specific websites.

By using you will get a 100% secure and safe random password. is simply the best online password generator available today. We have added a detailed tutorial on how you can create your own secure password and easily remember it anytime you need it.