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Have I been Pwned password test

Pwned password test will look through leaked password database and check your password. Pwned passwords is a list of thousands of passwords that were exposed in data breaches during the years.

If your password was exposed this will make it no longer safe for further use, due to the possibility that it will be used by hackers to take over your accounts. Hackers will be able to download your passwords online and use them during the attacks.

Data breaches occur every year which leads to millions of passwords being compromised. That is why it is important to check your passwords once in a while to know if have you been pwned or not. Such service as ours pwned password checker provide an easy way to make sure your password is safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we use a cryptographic algorithm to encrypt your password, and request all the breached password that starts with the same encrypted symbols as yours. After that, we test each one to see if its encrypted look matches the encypted look of your password.

It means that your password or similar password may be already in use by hackers. Anyway, this password should no longer be used.

If your password was found in pwned password list you should immediately change your password. You can generate a good passwords to use on our random passwords generator.

It is best to check your password every time a major password breach occurs or when you want to make sure that your most valuable accounts are truly secure.