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Why do I need a good strong password

Password security is a big deal right now. It is estimated that more than 800000 people are being hacked every year. Such technologies as 2FA and FaceId provide a lot to internet security, but if the service does not support such security features a good strong password is a proven way to protect your accounts online.

Another good practice is not to use your passwords on any website without an HTTPS certificate. But even if the website looks good and has certificates it is good to be cautious and not to use your legitimate credentials for any website you are not absolutely confident about. And a good strong, random password will make sure that even if you compromised your password on the bad website, all of your other accounts will not be exposed to hackers.

What about our password checker, is it safe? We don't store your password, all the checking is done on online the page you’re on, not on the server. We are interested in making users more secure online, that is why we make sure that every password checked is not being transmitted across the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, unpredictable pattern of characters is a great example of what a strong password should look like

A combination of letters of different cases, symbols, and numbers should be enough to create a very secure password.

A 12-character password with letters, numbers, and symbols is quite strong. But if you want to be extra secure you can go up to 16 or 20 characters long.

An example of a secure password is 5^VJ#c2JwYL!VLo#, generated by our password generator, which would take a computer 32 million years to crack!