How to Change/Reset Wordpress Password in mySql or phpmyadmin

So, you forgot your wordpress password and you can't reset it using the "forgot password" option. But you do have the access of its mysql database, then you are in the right place!

You can easily reset or change your wordpress password by changing in via the phpmyadmin options. To know how, simply follow the instructions below.

Note: To avoid mistakes during the whole process we advice you to backup your database first.

  1. Go to your phpmyadmin panel.
  2. Find your wordpress database. Click on it and find wp_users. (See image below)
  3. On the wp_users table, click "Edit"
  4. Now, under the user_pass your password is this weird characters, and you don't remember those are your password, of course, because these characters are md5 hash characters. Don't just enter characters on this field and assumed those are your password.

    To correctly, change/reset your password go to our MD5 Generator tool on the first field type your desired password. Copy the value and paste it on the user_pass field.

  5. Below, click Go to save your data. Now go back to your wordpress login page and enter your password (not the weird characters).
  6. Done!

And that folks how you change or reset your wordpress database using phpmyadmin or the database.